Ford SHELBY vs CAMARO vs JEEP vs VAZ 2107 vs HELICOPTER - My cars (showreel)...

Once again work for myself... Download original footage (720x405 MPEG4 - 490mb): All animation working time: 5 days... Rendering time: 110 days... Used: 3ds max 2008 - Vray, Mudbox, AE, PS, Sound Forge, Vegas Soundtracks: 0:03 - 0:40 P.O.D - Boom (The crystal method remix) 1:33 - 1:50 Dance or die - Aliens Electric (Close Vox Remix) 1:53 - 2:06 The roots and bt - Tao of the machine (scott humphrey's remix) 2:06 - 2:21 Just Blaze - Nike Basketball Team USA Anthem (Instrumental) 2:42 - 2:52 Pirates Of The Caribbean - Barbossa is Hungry 2:52 - 3:13 The Used - Pretty Handsome Awkward 3:43 - 3:46 Soviet National Anthem 3:56 - end Dreamtale - The dawn Thanks for watching!

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Need for Escape - cars animtaion - SENSE CG
Facebook Page Facebook Account Site 3Ds MAX 2011 Real Flow 5.0 Adobe After Effects CS3 Render : Mental Ray render time : one month ---- Watch video in HD --- Sound tracks : 0:24 NFS Undercover - Nine Inch Nails - The Mark Has Been Made 1:36 chiddy bang - opposite of adults 2:36 NFS Undercover - The Qemists - Stompbox (Spor Remix) Directed By 3:50 Prison break 17. The Manhunt Begins 4:47 NFS Undercover - Puscifer - Momma Sed (Tandemonium Mix) MOSTAFA MAHMOUD

Pantural - CAMARO
PAN Camaro 3ds max-Vray

80-Series Hill 4x4 Challenge
4x4 rock crawling at 80-Series Hill. Please see time stamps below for each vehicle for easier navigation through the video: CLIMB 1: 00:08 Nissan Patrol Y61 GU ZD30 (40s) 01:04 Toyota Land Cruiser LC80 (37s) 04:47 Nissan Patrol Y61 GU4 TB48 (40s) 06:10 Toyota Land Cruiser LC80 (37s) 06:42 Jeep Wrangler JK 2dr (35s) DESCENT: 07:11 Nissan Patrol ZD30 (40s) 07:48 Toyota Land Cruiser LC80 (37s) CLIMB 2: 08:52 Nissan Patrol ZD30 (40s) 12:01 Toyota Land Cruiser LC80 (37s) 17:05 Nissan Patrol Y60 GQ TD42 (38s) CLIMB 1 (night): 19:23 Jeep Wrangler JK 2dr (33s) 19:50 ENDING Enjoy watching and feel free to comment and share. E N J O Y

PAN Ford SHELBY vs CAMARO - Trailer animation
This is trailer of basic animation (Ford Shelby vs Camaro)... 3ds max - Vray, After Effect, Photoshop, Vegas... Work for myself... Download original quality (60 mb wmv) here: Look more picture and wireframe here: uss#work and all my works (CG pictures) here: