my mustang gt with super 40's

my Mustang gt with super 40 mufflers

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2001 Mustang GT - Flowmaster Super 40 Mufflers
2 Flowmaster Super 40 series mufflers on my 01 gt Mustang. Stock catted H pipe. Exterior sound is mean and aggressive while in the inside its still nice and quiet while cruising but when you want ot hear it just step on it. Start-up and few fly-by revs.

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2003 Mustang GT Bassani o/r x-pipe Flowmaster Super 40
2003 Mustang GT Bassani o/r X-pipe Flowmaster **FOR BETTER AUDIO QUALITY CLICK BELOW** - Flowmaster super 40 cat-back - Bassani o/r x-pipe - MAC True Cold air intake *Looking to maybe trade the FLowmaster Super 40 cat-back I have for the Borla Stinger Cat-back. Please let me know if your interested I professionally recorded the audio with Pro Tools and a condenser mic. Also, edited in Avid. I know the video is bad, and thats because i used the camera off my Macbook pro computer haha! I just wanted to get a true Exhaust sound out to people doing their research for their stangs.

2000 Mustang GT Exhaust - Flowmaster 40 Mufflers
This is my 2000 Mustang GT. It has Flowmaster 40 mufflers on it along with a quarter inch larger pipes over stock. And some nice tips.