42 psi boost cummins 3500

my cummins 3500 trying to get 45 psi with my stock turbo, truck was still cold though...

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614WHP 05 Cummins stock turbo dyno video

Quadzilla ADR on level 5 & over 40psi of boost in my 2001 Dodge Cummins
Just installed the 175hp SAC injectors from Cummins Performance Parts and she pulls DAMN HARD now :) :) :) Gotta b careful now though cause i still need head studs... & they're next in line on the to-do-list.

Boost on stock turbo 12 valve cummins
Only have a Boost elbow and fuel plate. The guage maxes out at 35 psi and I was past that.

Richard33 eclipse hx35 dyno. 527whp