08 4.3l V6 Flowmaster Dual

08 Silverado 4.3l V6 dual Exhaust

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4.3 Flowmaster 40 Exhaust
***THIS IS A COLD START, TEMP WAS ABOUT 6 DEGREES FERENHEIT*** This is my 2000 GMC Sonoma. It has the 4.3 vortec v6. It has a flowmaster 40 series muffler. It is a 2.5 inch single inlet/ 2.5 inch single outlet going into a y pipe out to 21inch tips. The tips are 3.5 inch slant cut. Also has a magnaflow high flow catylitic converter. Other mods are a spectre cold air intake . For any questions or requests please comment. thanks for watching

2012 Silverado no muffler, just cats.
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Chevy Silverado V6 w/ super 10 series Flowmaster with a Turndown
Just upgraded and put a new Flowmaster put on my truck from the original Flowmaster (not sure the series). I got the super 10 series Flowmaster with my cat converters still and a turndown right after the Flowmaster. Closest I'm going to get to making my v6 sound like a v8.

silverado 4.3l v6 exhaust flowmaster 40
My Exhaust just after washing the truck Water in the pipe.