Toyota Supra SZR to RZ conversion (2JZGE - 2JZGTE VVTi)

My Toyota Supra SZR to RZ conversion. Changing the 2jzge to a vvti 2jzgte.

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How Vtec/VVT/VTVT/VVTi works
Link to the original video: 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid: Three motors, no transmission (CNET On Cars, Episode 95):

Tuning a Toyota Supra to 1000 HP [4/4]
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Supra NA-T Build
Video of my 2JZ NA-T setup

Driving Our 1342 HP Supra drag international
We make a quick video of startup and around town driving in our street race prepped 1342HP Baltic Blue Supra turbo 6 Speed. THIS VIDEO WAS MADE TO SHOW HOW EASILY THIS CAR DRIVES ON THE STREET. IT WAS NOT MADE TO DISPLAY THE CARS PERFORMANCE! Available for sale - email