turbo lawn mower

turbocharged lawnmower

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turbo lawn mower 2
some modofications over the first movie.

Mowing doesn't have to be boring. Put a little pep in your mower! Briggs & Stratton 4.5hp 3" Exhaust Tuna Can intake w/ foam filter Keywords so everyone can see this...this...thing: Briggs Stratton 4.5hp Mower push mower lawn mower lawnmower pushmower hotrod hot rod rat rod ratrod lawncare grass header Exhaust 3" Exhaust tuna can cold air intake ricer loud honda lol chevy ford dodge Mustang offroad sparkplug spark plug leaves gas Boosted turbo supercharged alcohol 87 octane combustion burned valves smoking engine burning oil rice cold start 2 stroke cycle gasoline penzoil mobil1 rotella vtec kicked in yo mileage cut

turbo charged lawnmower
turbo charged tractor/lawnmower

5 HP Lawnmower VS 8 Cyclinder Turbocharged Pickup Truck
Watch how a single cylinder Farm Mower owned a V8 turbo-charged Mitsubishi Pic-up truck