SC300 Dyno 688whp 62mm Turbo

PSI EMS, PTE6265 .96, Q16

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970rwhp SC300 Lexus Dyno
Sound Performance 3.2Liter custom stroker GT47-80mm turbo and lots more

748whp 458wtq (62mm Turbo) KMOD Performance

b16 62mm turbo 149mph pass incar tuned by Dardantuning 10.07 @149mph
In car video of Dardantuning 62mm turbo class car using b16 stock bore and stroke with gsr cams. Using briancrower springs and retainers and BC rods. Synapseengineering wastegates and bov and Boost connect. Aem ems v2 on pump e85 10.07 @149mph on this pass. Ran out of fuel. Dynotechmotorsports hot track conditions and short shifted.

Turbo Exhaust Whistle Test
Here is a test of the turbo Exhaust whistle on my Ford Focus. The turbo Exhaust whistle is supposed to make a regular car sound like it has a turbocharger on it. The turbo Exhaust whistle fits inside of the Exhaust tip on a car, and it makes a whistling noise when you rev up the engine. You can buy a turbo Exhaust whistle for less than ten dollars on eBay. Watch this video review of the turbo Exhaust whistle to see if you need one.