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Hot Rod Magazine takes us on a cross country trip to compete in the September 1959 Hot Rod Nationals. We see all the action on the dragstrip - big cars, little cars, V8's are all seen. The film also features a number of personalities from the era including: Chuck Jones, racer from sidewinder crew in Long Beach, California Wally Parks, president of NHRA Ed Cole, general manager of Chevrolet Robert Petersen, publisher of Hot Rod Magazine Mr. Tex Colbert, president of Chrysler Corporation . . Ella73TV - - A curated collection of old films, newsreels & archive footage spanning the 20th century.

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Drag Racing: America's Booming Sport - History Documentary Films
Drag Racing: America's Booming Sport - History Documentary Films Drag Racing is a type of electric motor racing in which bikes or cars compete, generally two each time, to be first to go across a set surface line. The race follows a brief, straight course from a standing beginning over a measured distance, most commonly 1/4 mile (1,320 feet (402 m)), with a shorter 3/16 mile 10 feet (1,000 ft (305 m)) for nitromethane powered Top Fuel dragsters and amusing cars, while 660 ft (201 m) (1/8 mi) is also popular in some circles. Digital timing and rate noticing systems have actually been made use of to record race outcomes since the 1960s. Drag racing has existed in both road racing and regulated motorsport kinds since motorcycles and cars were created. The street racing form, which is prohibited, is covered elsewhere; this article covers the lawful sport. Before each race (commonly called a pass), each driver is enabled to carry out a burnout, which warms the driving tires and lays rubber down at the beginning of the track, Boosting grip. Each vehicle driver then align (or stages) at the beginning line. WILD LIFE DOCUMENTARIES - RELIGION DOCUMENTARY - HISTORY DOCUMENTARY - ADVENTURE DOCUMENTARY - HEALTH AND MEDICINE DOCUMENTARY - PEOPLE DOCUMENTARY - TECHNOLOGY DOCUMENTARY - SUPERNATURAL DOCUMENTARY - World Geographic Channel - Follow us : Tags: Drag Racing History, Drag Racing Documentaries, Drag Racing Documentary, Drag Racing Full Documentary, Drag Racing Documentary Films, Drag Racing, History of Drag Racing,

The Hot Rod Story Drag Racing
Hot Rods had a bad reputation in the 1950s. What started as a way for young guys to have some fun testing their home made cars on the dry lakes was growing and spilling over into street racing. The press, preachers and politicians were up in arms and people were getting killed. Something had to be done. Bob Petersen, who ran Hot Rod Magazine, worked with one of his editors Wally Parks, to launch a national effort to get the kids off the streets and on to drag strips. They formed the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and the new sport of drag racing took off. Necessity is the mother of invention. This traces the path they took from amateurs racing at the dry lakes to professionals competing at the drag strips. What a journey. S173

Don Garlits - Close Calls
A look into the close calls of Don Garlits' life and racing career. All credits to Main Event Video and Dean Papadeas.

1965 NHRA Winter National Drag Races, Pomona--Redone
Sharper, and Enhanced version of previously uploaded video. Lot's of pit area and return road images of many famous, and not-so-famous, muscle cars, gassers, and dragsters that "ruled' during the mid sixties. Captured and edited 8mm home movies taken by Mike Tyler.