Twin Turbo LS3 Camaro vs Blown 6.1 Hemi Jeep SRT 8

Camaro has an STS Twin turbo kit and 315/35 Nitto Invo's. 614whp on 9 psi Jeep has a HUGE centrifugal blower, supporting fuel, water to air Intercooler, built auto tranny, intake and Exhaust.

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Turbonetics' 2010 Camaro SS bolt on turbo system
Take a look at the installation and technical details of the turbonetics 2010 Camaro SS bolt on turbo kit. This kit will be 50 state street legal, and take a stock Camaro from 426HP to about 645HP. Check out for more details.

Twin Turbo Camaro - 510 Race Engineering
Here is the rundown on the Twin turbo Camaro built by 510 Race Engineering. Check out HTC Facebook HPD Facebook: Twitter: Fan Page:

1100HP JEEP SRT8 **Quarter Mile** INSANITY!!!
Enjoy folks! Famoso Raceway Slug Day 2011!

3,600+hp twin-turbo BBC
Tom Bailey's MULE test engine for SICK 2.0. This twin-turbo BBC engine package is also equipped with a separate fuel system and injectors for pump gas - making it a streetable package for DRAG WEEK and other similar competitions. WWW.STEVEMORRISENGINES.COM