Twin Turbo LS3 Camaro vs Blown 6.1 Hemi Jeep SRT 8

Camaro has an STS Twin turbo kit and 315/35 Nitto Invo's. 614whp on 9 psi Jeep has a HUGE centrifugal blower, supporting fuel, water to air Intercooler, built auto tranny, intake and Exhaust.

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Turbo LS1 Miata vs. Turbo LS3 Camaro + Procharged 416ci Camaro vs. 800whp Trailblazer SS
Good Night! A few clean runs.. a few short races... Lots of fun.

Dynotorque RX7, LS3 V8, Twin Turbo, 1000bhp+
A quick film shot at the end of a photoshoot for Built by Craig Taylor and the team at Dynotorque in Birmingham, UK. Owned and developed since the early 00's, Dynotorque specialise in LS engine swaps for Mazda, TVR or anything else you can deliver to their door!

2003 Cobra vs TT 2010 Camaro SS.wmv
2003 Mustang Cobra vs Twin turbo 2010 Camaro SS

Turbonetics' 2010 Camaro SS bolt on turbo system
Take a look at the installation and technical details of the turbonetics 2010 Camaro SS bolt on turbo kit. This kit will be 50 state street legal, and take a stock Camaro from 426HP to about 645HP. Check out for more details.