Cammed GTO vs. 416 ci. GTO

Red GTO is a 2006 6 Speed with a Cam, ported intake, Longtube headers and Exhaust. Blue GTO is a 2004 Auto with a forged 416 ci with ETP heads and an aggressive cam. From a 65 roll the Blue GTO pulled about 1.5 cars to 156 mph. Camera car is a stock '06 trying to keep pace.

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HPE S Cam GTO - Dyno Run
It took a while, but I was able to etch some time into my schedule to get this beast Dyno tuned. The results were good. I had been driving around with only 421rwhp and 362rwtq and I thought that was fun, but 430rwhp and 380rwtq, now thats fun! Thanks Chuck! Wheels AZA 19x8.5 front with 40 offset. 19x9.5 rear with 45 offset Hope you enjoy the vid. Music by: I am Ghost - Killer Likes Candy. Great song on an even greater album!

GTO With Heads and Big Cam
2006 GTO M6 with HPE s2 cam, L92 heads, L76 intake, Long tubes, and 3" spinntech Exhaust (untuned)

Pontiac GTO Open Headers Loud!
WOW!! Awesome GTO with what sounds like open headers and a nice cam

416 CI L92 GTO on 200 shot N20 goes 10.16!
416 CI GTO on 200 shot N20 goes 10.16!