2010 Ford F150 SPINTECH Install_0001.wmv

SPINTECH's 2010 Ford F-150 Catback Installation

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Tundra Install SPINTECH True Duals
Installation of SPINTECHs true dual X pipe system for the 07-08 5.7 Tundra sounds AWESOME, easy install more power and MORE TORQUE!

Spintech Super Pro Steet 9000 muffler
I threw out the S;ointech 8000 muffler and put in the Super Pro Street 9000. This si their most aggressive street muffler and it flows a ton of air! The vid created on my new MacBook Air, using iMovie.

2011 Ford F-150: Spintech Muffler!
I've tried Cherry Bomb Vortex, Magnaflow and now Spintech. This Spintech Part 8441 muffler is perfect for my 5.0 L V8 2011 Ford F-150. It's still loud at low speeds but when I'm on the highway it sounds like stock! I love it. Paid only $130 direct to Spintech via their web site. This is the best muffler as far as I'm concerned.

460 SpinTech Mufflers
Here's the Ford 460 for the infamous "Tonco". Running dual Exhaust through SpinTech 3" mufflers.