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Evo8 "pappou" 600 whp

Xaris is testing his new gearbox running on low Boost (1,4bar).


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Pappous Evo8 vs 997TTP 600whp (2nd race)

Pappous EVO8 Vs Benzina EVO7 2nd
Ρολαριστές 1ες με τον Βενζινα να παταει πρωτος και να βρίσκεται 1 κενό μπροστά στα 400 μέτρα.Του Παππού έχει βγάλει 630 τροχούς και του Βενζινά 680 τροχούς.

katarame-nos kontra me evo
mia apo tis pio kales kontres pou exo di

Evo8 "pappou" Vs Evo 8 by kataramenos
Street racing of two Evo8 (Pappou 600whp and the other 1017hp) from 1st gear rolling and winner is pappous.

evo kataramenos vs evo pappou
kontra kryfi

EVO 9 639 whp 505 test run
going a test run in a freshly tuned 639whp evo..

Porsche (ttp) vs Lancer Evo VIII (papous)
Porsche (ttp) vs Lancer Evo VIII (papous) www.motorsport-fanatics.gr

kataramenos krifi

worlds first 7 second evo
worlds quickest evo over the quarter mile

evo benzina vs porsche santoriniou
0-400 metra evo wins evo rules baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

evo power!!! VENZINAS POWERE!!!!

900+ AMS evo on the streets!!!
bad as evo on the street

Audi S3 3.2lt Turbo 800PS by 0-400 Tune 2 Race - POWER Techniques 131 Issue -
Testing 0-400 Tune 2 Race's Audi S3 3.2lt turbo 800PS 0-100km/h: 3,11sec 400m: 10,43sec@230km/h Boost: 1.55Bar

Evo 8 Pappoy VS Porsche 997 TTP
Street racing of an evo8 630whp and porsche 997 turbo manual 622whp in rolling 1st gear.The video is taken at 400meters exactly...

evo pappou vs 997ttp

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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