Ford 5.4 engine noise

Ford f150 started making a noise. Not sure what it is. Any ideas??

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Ford F150 5.4L 3V Triton Ticking Noise & Rev [solved]
I need help diagnosing this noise. Any help would be appreciated! If I left anything out that would help than just comment or PM me and I'll be sure to add it. Update: We had the truck taken to a mechanic a week or two ago and he replaced two or three coil packs, a couple spark plugs, and it runs like new. The ticking is gone and it's gained power.

2005 F150 5.4 ltr tapping/knocking sound
2005 f150 5.4 just shy of 89k miles. Maintnanced regularly with 5-20w motorcraft and motorcraft filters. I suspect cam phaser but recently as you will see the knock happens at all RPM's. was not that way a few days ago. Been to three dealers. Two say cam phasers and the third was 50/50 on what it could be. One mechanic said he did not know and a second said Cam phaser for sure. Oh, the check engine light is on because I had unplugged the VCT and reconnected prior to the video,that was not the issue. It will probably take a couple start cycles to turn off....hopefully. Anyone with experience or a trained ear have any Idea?

Cam Phaser Noise Repair Kit - Ford 3-Valve 4.6 / 5.4 V8 Engines
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F150 5.4 3v Ticking Noise part 1
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