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Ford 5.4 engine noise

Ford f150 started making a noise. Not sure what it is. Any ideas??


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F150 5.4 3v Ticking Noise part 1
via YouTube Capture

2008 F150 problem that Ford cannot fix

My 04 Ford F150 makes a soft ticking noise
My 04" Ford F150 has a soft ticking noise. It has a V8 5.4lt. I have taken it to 4 different Ford Dealerships to ask why my truck ticks...it started at 107,000miles and they all said its normal. I don't believe that...they say its bc of large injectors. I have Googled different reasons like oil pressure problems, injectors or spark plugs. All i know is, it only does it when the engines warmed up and only at idle. At 124,000miles my truck died when i was driving it. I took it in at ford dealership 30miles away. They put a new Cam Phaser in on the driver side " but the ticking comes from the passenger side,HMMM??" changed the VCT sensor and spent 5 days working on the timing chain. Oh, they also said they had to update the software....what software??....It still ticks!?!

f150 5.4L phaser noise
2004 cam phaser knock noise

Cam Phaser Sound?
2006 f150 5.4L

Ford 5.4 vs chevy 5.3
Ford 5.4 stock vs chevy 5.3 shift keys

Replacing blown out spark plug
A common problem with Ford Triton engines is that they will blow the spark plug out, usually # 3 or # 4 on the passenger side. Some people say the only repair is to take the head off. There is a tool designed to drill out, re-tap, & install an insert. I've done it many times and so far they all are still holding. I thought you might like to see how it's done before you do one yourself.

Ford F150 Triton 5.4 Engine
This is a rebuilt 2005 Ford F150 Engine being tested after a rebuild. This engine failed because a cam follower bearing wore out after 140,000 miles. The engine started making clicking sounds from under the head cover. This is the testing after the rebuild to show the camfollowers and where it failed.

F150 Engine removal pt 1
Well, we're finally getting the ball rolling on the Ford truck.

2008 5.4l F150 Cam Phaser Problem?
Posting to see if i have the dreaded cam phaser problem that most f150 owners with the 5.4l 3V are having. Motor is warm and the truck has 32000 miles.

2004-2008 F150 Died Out No Crank Theft Light Engine Compartment Clicking P1233
You can get the new updated Fuel Pump Driver Module Here- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005JJ0D22/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789& creative=390957&creativeASIN=B005JJ0D22&linkCode=as2&tag=fordt-20&linkId=XO 76R4LBFWEAA6QZ In this video I walk you through a streamlined diagnosis of an F150 that won't crank intermittently or will crank but not start all of a sudden. The dead giveaway is the clicking noise in the engine compartment.

2008 Triton 5.4 3v Phaser Knock Fixed with LockOuts
2008 F150 with the "fixed" cam phaser issue. Search around and you will quickly find that this is a wide spread issue that Ford is unable to fix. Most times you end up footing the bill and still walk away with the same problem either instantly or within a short time. I will be installing a cam phaser locks and updating the PCM to resolve this issue. Yes you will loose some HP and Torque but in the long run you dont have to keep paying for failed phasers and VCT solenoids. Currently the parts are back ordered (seems its hard to keep up with demand) but once they come in I will post another video of the results.

2008 f150 engine noise
Just bought the truck has 55,000 klicks had the vct's replaced and both timing chains. Did the oil among everything else I could think of. And this is the result. Only happens from time to time. Can't replicate it in front of the dealer. They can't figure out the problem. Any ideas or help? Usually only happens when I'm parking the car after a long drive and has never happened when I have the heat running. I shut off the vents and the motor runs a little rough. I shift from drive to reverse and voila. You have your ugly noise. Any feedback would be appreciated.

FORD 5.4 with cam phaser issue
5.4 warmed up and at idle, 1200rpm, 2500rpm, 1500rpm and back to idle.

ford 2006 f150 5.4 diesel noise ,tick noise ,clak noise.
i been replacement ,vct solenoids 2 ,2 cam position sensor,2 cam phaser,2 oxigen sensor form bank 2 ,driver side is bank 2.i check the fuse box,check the engine wiring,and keep showing the 4 codes with out check engine light on . some times shows more of 4 codes on the OBD II ,like missing fire,ramdom missing fires on any bank ,bank 1 or bank 2, rich fuel,or air leak, vacum leaks,maf sensor bad, and my truck run roug like diesel engine,and when you get at some stop the truck dies ., and shows up alot codes ..... i take alot a codes with news vct solenoids but the 4 codes from camshaft position sensor still there. any sugestion.

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