Craftsman Mower Deck Engagement Cable install

How-to install a cable engagement on a craftsman lawn tractor. Craftsman, Poulan, AYP, Husqvarna part 175067, 169676 Deck clutch cable with spring..

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Craftsman Riding Mower Blades Won't Engage? Clutch Cable #584243501
This video provides step-by-step instructions for replacing the clutch cable on Craftsman riding lawn mowers. The most common reason for replacing the cable is if it is damaged, causing the mower blades to not engage. Click here to purchase Part #584243501: =1876 Additional lawn mower repair, troubleshooting tips, help with finding your model number, and part replacement videos: All of the information in this clutch cable replacement video is applicable to the following brands: Craftsman Tools used: 3/8” socket, 1/4” socket, pliers Connect With Us! Join our free VIP email list for discounts and money-saving tips: Check out our blog: Don't forget to like and comment on this video, and subscribe to our channel!

How To Fix Stuck Deck Engagement (Blades Always Spinning) with Taryl
In "The Wake-Up Call", Taryl shows William (and you at home) how to fix a sticking deck engagement on a Craftsman/Poulan/Weed Eater/Central Park 42'' riding lawn mower. Prior to the fix, Taryl receives a 2 am wake-up call for service, much to Taryl's annoyance. And There's Your Dinner!! Intro rock music William is listening to courtesy of The Trash Brats "Downtown Nowhere" Please Subscribe to the channel and Thumbs Up our videos and be sure to 'Like' Us on Facebook for all the latest news and updates! You can pick up all your TARYL APPAREL here: (T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Shop Products and More!) Shippping worldwide and daily! LIKE us on FACEBOOK! We're on INSTAGRAM too! @tarylfixesall

Replacing a Blade Clutch Cable on a Riding Lawn Mower
This video shows how to replace the blade clutch cable on a riding lawn mower. If the blade clutch cable is worn or broken, the blades won't spin when you shift the blade clutch lever. Examine the cable when the blades won't turn and replace a worn or broken blade clutch cable with a part that fits your model. Visit us at: cable-on-a-riding-lawn-mower Or call 1-800-437-1673 to speak with a parts specialist. The video includes these parts and tools. Look up your model to make sure you get the right parts for your mower. Blade clutch cable :youtube:direct-part-link Find riding mower parts at ctor-Parts?sid=soc:youtube:riding-mower-parts Or click here to schedule an appointment with a repair technician. Transcript: The first step to replacing the blade clutch cable is to turn the ignition switch off and remove the key. Lift the mower hood and disconnect the spark plug wire. Pull off the clutch lever handle. Remove the air duct mounting screws and pull off the air duct. Carefully move the fuel tank out of the way. Remove the clutch lever assembly mounting screws. Pull the lever through the dash opening to release the clutch lever assembly from the dash and access the cable connection. Release the tension spring from the pin. Remove the washer and release the cable from the pin. Release the cable retainer locking tabs and remove the cable from the support bracket. Lower the mower deck to its lowest position. Roll the blade belt off the engine pulley and release the belt from the belt keepers. Remove the front lift link support retaining pin and washer, and then detach the support from the deck. Remove the left suspension arm retaining clip, and then detach the arm from the mower frame. Remove the left rear deck bracket retaining clip and washer, and then release the bracket from the deck. Repeat the process on the other side of the deck to disconnect the right suspension arm and right rear deck bracket. Pull the deck out far enough to access the blade cable attached to the deck. Release the locking tabs and pull the blade clutch cable retainer out of the deck bracket. Disconnect the blade clutch cable spring from the idler arm. Release the blade clutch cable from the keeper on the frame and remove the cable. Connect the blade clutch cable to the keeper on the frame. Connect the new blade clutch cable spring to the idler arm. Push the blade clutch cable retainer into the deck bracket and engage the locking tabs. Position the deck under the mower frame. Reconnect the front lift link support to the deck using the washer and retaining clip. Reconnect the left suspension arm and deck bracket using the washers and retaining clips. Repeat the process to reconnect the right suspension arm and deck bracket. Route the blade belt through the belt keepers and roll the blade belt onto the engine pulley. Position the new cable end on the lever bracket pin then reinstall the washer. Reattach the tension spring to the pin. Snap the cable retainer into the bracket, engaging the locking tabs. Push the lever through the dash opening and position the clutch lever assembly in the dash. Reinstall the mounting screws. Reinstall the handle on the lever. Position the tank on its brackets and then position the air duct above the engine, lining up the mounting holes. Reinstall the mounting screws. Reconnect the spark plug wire and lower the mower hood.