Weber 32/36 Dgev on a 87 CRX DX

Just installed this after the original carb wanted to trow a fit. Still needs a little tuning. Thanks to all that have helped.

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Cold Start 1982 Honda Civic Weber Conversion
Video of a cold start on the newly installed Weber carb. Installed on a 1982 Honda Civic Wagon with the 1.5L CVCC engine.

Weber DGAV DGEV throttle Linkage Assembly
Weber DGAV Linkage Assembly instructions

How To Install A Weber Carburetor
I show how to install a Weber Carb on a Mazda B2200, This applies for other trucks too. Not all adapters are the same, but it does install the same. I also give info on how to adjust this carb and some info on it. Link for Carb Conversion: tm Tech Info: tm

Datsun 510 Weber 32/36 idle problem
doesnt seem to idle on the idle circuit, idle mixture screw and choke changes have no effect, engine idles off enrichment circuit when speed screw is turned it more than 3 turns. Carb is new, no vac leaks, timing at 10deg, valves adjusted