Viper Maverick VS Ford Ranch Wagon - Project Car Dilemma

Have you ever been waist deep into a project car build and just when you feel it's hopeless...another project lands in the driveway? Welcome to my car guy confusion. As you may know (if you don't just glance at a few of my other videos) my Maverick project keeps getting derailed. Whether it's lack of funds, time, space or energy, I keep losing momentum on that project. I'm sure all hot rodders deal with this dilemma at some point. So now I've got this cool '66 Ford Ranch Wagon and it's rough but it's a runner and the more I drive it, the more I like it. In this video I pose the question... When is a project too much and how do you choose which project car to work on when something more reasonable falls right in front of you? I've never been this close to giving up on the Viper Maverick and putting a for sale sign on it. Please contribute in the comments section with advice.  Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe and share these videos!

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HEMI Truck Exhaust Shootout - Flowmaster Outlaw Vs Banks Monster Systems
The 2009 Dodge Ram with the 5.7 HEMI V8 in the Autoedit garage gets a new Flowmaster Outlaw Stainless Steel Exhaust system with the dual ceramic tip conversion and it sounds amazing! Check out this install video where I will show you the reasons for the upgrade and give you a direct comparison between the Flowmaster system and the Banks Monster system that got removed. The installation is actually very easy and kind of fun. It's a bolt on situation that comes with everything you'll need to convert your truck to the dual tailpipe option, even if it didn't come with that from the factory! There's even an option to go out the back with the ceramic tips or out the sides... and that is super cool. After the installation, I take the truck out onto the roads and hot dog up a local canyon road to show off the new sound. Then, I take the truck up a local off road trail to show off how great this thing sounds in the dirt and find out how capable this truck is... turns out, it's pretty amazing! Here is a link to the Flowmaster kit that got installed on this truck: -09-14-ram/?make=40&year1=2009&model=2760&submodel=1336&engine=1880&categor y&kw Thanks so much for watching and don't forget to hit the like button or subscribe if you haven't! You can also follow me on Instagram for a little more Autoedit action

Dodge VIPER V10 in a Ford Maverick ! This is my 1970 Ford Maverick project car... It's about half way through the build and looking pretty good so far. Check back for more videos of the build up!

1957 Ford Ranch Wagon Junkyard Junkeez Sam checks out a 1957 Ford Ranch Wagon in a big collection of classic Fords. Junkyard Junkeez explore a classic Ford car collection. Copyright free music by iMovie

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This picture compilation is the Big Block 428 FE Maverick over the last 28+ years from 1986 to now. Pics from when it was bought and built in 1986, then traded-off in 1992, then dismantled, lost in a barn, then back to us in 2008 for recovery. Project has slowed down quite a bit of late but will be getting back to "speed". A 434 and 454 cubic inch Ford FE Big Block are staged for power. Thank you for taking a minute to visit and thanks for watching!