How to Paint Your Wheels / Rims

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How To Spray Paint Wheels Like a PRO!
Supply List: Sonax: Duplicolor Paint: Duplicolor Clear Coat: Masking Tape: Wheel Brush: In this video, I show you how to properly paint a wheel using spray paint. You can really get excellent results with the right preparation and a lot of patience. (FYI, if you get a little bit of over-spray on the tire, you can carefully rub it off with some sandpaper ;) Follow me! Instagram @justinbuice Facebook Music Credit Artist: Song:

How to Paint/Restore Your Wheels
SUPPLIES: Duplicolor Graphite Paint: (1 can does 2 wheels) Duplicolor Clear Coat: (1 can does 2 wheels) Degreaser: 4x6 Index Cards: Masking Tape: Sandpaper Pack: In this video, I show you how to restore and paint your wheels. This process is the same for all wheels. CAMERA GEAR I USE: MUSIC CREDIT: FOLLOW ME:

How To Paint Your Wheels / Rims - Tutorial
If you want to paint your wheels / rims the easiest way, this is the best tutorial for you. It will take you a full day, but if you do this right, your ride will look much better. The materials costs between $30 and $50, depending on what materials you already have / need to buy (sand paper, wire brush, paint thinner, paper tape, primer, paint, lacquer). You also should paint the brake calipers. With fresh painted rims and brake calipers the appearance of your ride will be improved :) Check out the tutorial for painting the brake calipers:

Wheel Restoration - Alloy Wheel Repair
How we restore alloy wheels to their original condition. Much better option than replacing alloy wheels. Restoration of wheels is exceptional value for money and increases the value of your car.