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Univerzal 445 DTC


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Oranje 2013//Universal 445DTC//Engine sound//
Utb 445 DTC oranje!

Tractoare UTB Romania

Universal UTB 445 tractor (6)1
Pregatirea cositorii pentru transport din pozita de lucru. Cositoare rotativa CEL-MAK 1,65m ,an de fabricatie 2011

Univerzal i Univerzal

utb 445 in soimeni la carat gunoi
cel mai tare tractor.....si sofer...... soimeni utb tractor

Ludorije sa IMT 539 i UTB 445 DTC.wmv
Malo ludosti sa IMT 539 delux i UTB 445 DTC

Universal UTB 445 tractor (9)
Universal 445 la cules de porumb. Culegator francez Benac R67 modificat.

UTB Universal 445 tractor brief recondition and tuning by Janis Donins Latvia
Cheap/Brief cleaning recondition of UTB Universal V 445, putting original spares in stead of rusian and so on. Pretty big amount of pictures slideshow. Many parta are bought on ebay from Germany England and USA, although there is not safe to buy wear parts.

Universal 651+My Project

Universal UTB 445 tractor (4)
Universal 445 UTB in primavara anului 2010. Mergeam la discuit in gradini cu discul purtat in tiranti

Vladimirec T30

Universal UTB 445 tractor (8)
Tractor universal 445 dtc.

UTB Universal V 445 tractor one cylinder blue/white smoke
One cylinder smokes very much, replaced head, no result, done piston rings decoxing procedure, no result, injector nozzles are new, so no ideas more. old head had some bent valves.

La Arat 2011||Orka 2011||Plowing 2011
Jinma 454 la arat cu plug mat pp2

utb 650 ├ęs utb 445

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