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Takegawa 138cc SuperHead with Keihin Fcr 28mm

Takegawa Engine Racing 138cc SuperHead with Keihin Fcr 28mm, S35 Racing camme Takegawa and double exaust LeoVince


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HONDA C50 BY MOTO HIPPY Takegawa κεφαλή PLUS R 4SM,Takegawa πιστονι 59mm,Τakegawa στροφαλος 54mm=18whp(αλογα)

Takegawa 194 cc hairdryer with Nokia N8
Mr Tarded Mo drying hes hair with Takegawa scut 194 cc. Filmed with Nokia N8. Fb = MINIMOTARDERS

www.modifyinggarage.com JAPANESE TUNING PARTS SPECIALIST MODIFYING GARAGE japan special parts ! takegawa spa !! 日本スペシャルは分ける MODIFYING GARAGE 変更のガレージギリシャ stelnoume antalaktika se opio meros tis eladas vriskeste TAKEGAWA, OVER. KITACO, takegawa special parts SPA

C90 Honda Takegawa 1st Twin Spark KSR by Plemenos Engineering
Είναι φτιαγμένο από το 2007 και έτρεχε Τυμπάκι τότε. Δεν έχει ξαναληθεί ποτέ και ακόμα βγάζει άλογα.....παράλογα στο δυναμόμετρο.Έχει φορέσει μερικά περιφερειακά καλούδια ακόμα. Όλο Takegawa. Πρόσφατα έβαλε Over τιτανίου η πρώτη KSR OVER που ήρθε Ελλάδα...και απλά ακούστε το. Ο Πλεμένος το ρυθμίζει μαζί με τον ιδιοκτήτη του (Roditis) Ηράκλειο Κρήτης


FCR 28 H/Z

FCR accelerator pump in slow motion
Slow motion comparison of 35 vs. 70 leak jet

Takegawa 150cc TwinSpark Gastouni 2

c 50 glx 50 modified to ksr 67mm 4 valve TAKEGAWA
www.modifyinggarage.com japan special parts ! takegawa spa !! 日本スペシャルは分ける MODIFYING GARAGE !! 変更のガレージギリシャ stelnoume antalaktika se opio meros tis eladas vriskeste !!!! TAKEGAWA!! OVER!! KITACO!! takegawa special parts SPA !!

Minisupermoto Finland Toijala 2011. Filmed with GoPro
MiniGP Toijala 15.5.2011. Bikes which showing: Fully tuned Daytona 150 (rider less 50 kg), YX 196 cc with 36 mm carb, Z-Takegawa 194 cc with 32 mm carb, Pitsterpro-Z 201 cc.

Honda Z50J1 Monkey SEV MARCHAL / 138cc 4V SOHC Takegawa
Takegawa 138cc +R 4V SOHC engine Takegawa 5-disc dry-clutch Takegawa 5-speed S-Touring gearbox OVER OV24 alloy frame with monoshock parts by Blast Factory France G-Craft +20 swingarm Honda RS125 fork modified by Blast Factory France Wide fork tripple tree by Blast Factory France Headlight 44 and 48mm diam. stay by Blast Factory France Handmade seat from Japan B.A.T. 7-star wheels by Bomber from Belgium ShiftUp J1 fuel tank (modified) OVER SP2 titanium Exhaust Keihin CR26 carb SEV Marchal 819 headlight monkey, honda, takegawa, graft, superhead, dohc, sohc, moto, motor, motorbike, bike, over, japan, dax, chaly, gorilla, zb, monkey r, brembo, beringer, daytona, crowd, kitaco, hrc, rs, yoshimura, craft, z50, z50j, z50r, j1, j2, motorcycle, racing, race, posh, blast, factory, dirty tracker, france, team, wheelie kids, shift up, active, tts, hot lap, falcon, ohlins, big cedar, move japan, necto, marchal, SPII,

Monkey bike dyno test 100 MPH +! @ OORacing
Just a bit of fun with gearing, 170cc 23 bhp engine from ooracing in stock tune with silly gearing.... Road speed with wind drag 80mph.. On the road with 10" wheels we would normally run 28T rear and 16T front this will give depending on the rider size a top speed of 80mph with nice acceleration. The 27 bhp engine has the same top speed just less time to get up there. This bike is now fuel injected more videos to come....

takegawa z50 workshop sifneos paros

Takegawa 148 ccm Engine

DAYTONA Supercharger MONKEY[Part-1]

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Buddy, Supercharger: Ported

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Mike Bambic, Engine: 6.2L, Supercharger: Stock Tires: Mickey Thompson 305/35R19

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