1GGTE MKIII Supra flyby's exhaust sound

My 1GGTE supra 2.0 TT Straight 6

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Supra Dyno - 1G-GTE
A little video I made of my Dyno. You can really hear the miss through the wastegate around the 3,500-4,500 mark. In the video it sounds like the miss goes away but listening to it in person it was still missing right up to 6,500-7,000rpm but just not as bad. Would my worn/bad rings cause the miss? I have put new leads and plugs in and its still there. Maybe a bad injector? Also when he backs off, is that compressor surge?

1g-gte Tach in a 1jz to 7000rpm
1g-gte to 7000rpm

91 supra twin turbo 1ggte startup and revving
Here's my supra on startup, revving, and how it sounds with stock Exhaust. I would also note that the engine was already warmed before this video, so it wasn't cold or dry when taken up to 7000 rpm. As you can see, the 1ggte is very smooth and calm, but takes to Boost very well. via YouTube Capture