Bmw 318is Race Car Slalom Eschbach 07.05.2011 - Part 1

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Bmw 318is Race Car Slalom Eschbach 07.05.2011 - Part 2
Ein Bmw e30 318is im Slalom. Gefahren wurde das Auto von einer Frau. Natürlich kein Vergleich zu Gigi Galli oder Ken Block, aber sie geht ab.

41. Roland Rallye 2011 Nordhausen
Some impressions of this year's Roland Rallye. Again the event was part of the German "Schotter-Cup" (gravel), the BMW 318is Cup and Volvo Original Cup. See some scenes of SS1 (near Haferungen), SS3 (near Mauderode) and SS8 (in Nordhausen, Gehege). Nearly at the end you see 2 accidents, the crews were not hurted and made theier way short after that. Enjoy!

BMW E36 318is MOTEGI練習

e30 318is m42b18 1.8 16v dbilas itb 290 275 catcams m3 production race car
My best run Castle Coombe Sprint March 2014 174.75 second run for the 1.75 lap run - Engine sweet, gearing ALL WRONG!