raw material sound mr2 v6 (appropriate to the species mr2 v6 trailer)

raw material sound mr2 v6 appropriate to the species mr2 v6 trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUZdJnRYn-o

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MR2 W2 V6 ( 3VZ-FE ) Toyota Duderstadt onboard perfect v6 conversion
Probefahrt in hot-chilis MR2 mit 3 Liter V6-Motor aus einem Toyota Camry. © checker

V6 MR2 Country Road
Something is loose in my camera, causing that nasty rattle. You can occasionally hear my nice 3VZ noises though. Just a quick run down a favorite twisty road in my V6 swapped 93 MR2

Toyota Mr2 2grfe V6 acceleration full throttle and rev
My friends Mr2 with a V6 2GR-FE swap. He went to the V6 after having the beams motor for a while. His name on the Mr2 forums is Jakedasnake The wheels are Volk Gtp, They are 17s The suspension is BC Ram coils, ST sway bars, 93 + turbo brakes, transmission is 93+ turbo lsd transmission The engine was drop in using Gouki's kit bought on the forum. Had to make one hole in the block that needs to be time serted to bolt transmission on. And harness was sent to Mr220valve on the forums

Mr2 v6 3vz ems exhaust sound!
3vz swapped 91t mr2