Acura Legend At Sacramento Raceway Drag Strip vs. Honda Civic

My brothers Legend vs. Civic xD

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Racing Neon Vs Legend.. My Car is Screwed
so my car is burning oil like a civ and i decided i would race it... this race is for a before and after.. so when i get the 2.4 swapped in were gonna race again and record it to see how affective the 2.4 swap is..

Legend VS CRX si
missed shift, legend won by 1 whole second.

Acura legend 4door vs b20 vtec prelude
My 91 Acura legend at it again. These guys called us out at the gas station and legend don't back down. Still haven't lost. Both cars have intake. Phoenix az racing! Enjoy and watch my other videos.

1997 Maxima Vs Acura Legend
RACING, "LET OFF TOWARDS END" at :18 Maxima is the camera car Legend is stock, Maxima has intake and Exhaust