Acura Legend At Sacramento Raceway Drag Strip vs. Honda Civic

My brothers Legend vs. Civic xD

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1997 Honda civic vs 1991 Acura legend Sleeper
My friends civic with bolt-ons vs a legend sleeper.

Acura legend 4door vs b20 vtec prelude
My 91 Acura legend at it again. These guys called us out at the gas station and legend don't back down. Still haven't lost. Both cars have intake. Phoenix az racing! Enjoy and watch my other videos.

Honda Legend KB1 RL 2005 на летней резине в снегопад.720.mp4
легенда застряла и не может подняться в гору на летней резине в снегопад ))))

1994 Acura Legend – Redline: Review
Facebook: Instagram: Subscribe today for all the latest reviews! As the first ever Japanese luxury sedan to be introduced in the United States, the Acura Legend lives up to its legendary name by offering Honda quality and reliability wrapped in a timeless body that will be sought after by enthusiast for even more years to come, just don't expect to find examples as clean as this one. Music by: ♫ DOCTOR VOX - Outcast