Ford XR6 turbo - EJZ747

The Aussie built Ford Falcon FG 4L turbo is one of the best bang for buck vehicles ever made. Ejz's runs 10s with ease thanks for a few bolt on mods including a Garrett GTX3582R turbo, AVO Intercooler, Herrod pipes, stock air box and E85 fuel. Power drives through a Powerglide transmission to 275 ET Street radials. Follow us on social media @ Google+ Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram Calder Park, Australia ~ June 13th 2014

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Quick FPV Ford F6 turbo street car
Vel's FPV F6 runs a personal best pass at Heathcote. With 420hp on tap in stock form a few basic upgrades has seen this Ford FG run fast with ease. A switch to ethanol E85 fuel, Plazmaman Intercooler upgrade, slightly larger than factory Garrett T04Z turbo and a C-series transmission are responsible for the newfound speed. Like many powerful Barra 4.0L turbo six engines, the internals remain factory stock. Heathcote Park Raceway, Australia - June 2nd 2013.

Twin turbo Ford XR6 6spd ~ 9.35 @ 157mph
After previously running a nine point four six second quarter mile time, Steve's Ford Falcon XR6 turbo has undergone further development by performance specialist Nizpro turbocharging. New upgrades include a revised inlet plenum and larger Intercooler but the key change is a switch to twin Borg Warner turbochargers enabling the setup to make over 600kW to the wheels on E85 pump fuel. Impressively the ZF 6-spd transmission remains in place aided by Nizpro stage 3 upgrade and Circle D stall converter. This was the first time out with the new combination and the car was driven to and from the track. The Nizpro teams tells us a new engine is coming for the car which will feature a billet crankshaft. Ford Falcon FG XR6 turbo Ford 4L DOHC I6 engine Forged internals by Nizpro Borg Warner EFR 7163 turbochargers 100mm race Intercooler Nizpro FG cast inlet plenum Nizpro 4in Exhaust system Twin Peirburg fuel pumps, ID2000 injectors, E85 fuel Nizpro Stage 3 ZF 6-spd transmission Nizpro Billet planetary gear carrier Circle D 1a converter, IRS suspension Power: 600+kW / 800+hp @ wheels Built & tuned by: NIZPRO turbocharging Driven to and from the track Heathcote Park Raceway, Australia - August 2nd 2015. Get your track gear! Follow us on social media @ Google+ Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram

Ford Falcon XR6 turbo - AGGRO6
Ford Falcon FG XR6 4L turbo six features a power up by Nizpro turbocharging, E85 ethanol fuel system running on 275 street radials. Heathcote Park Raceway, Australia ~ August 18th 2013

Wild Ford XR6 turbo!
Welcome back to the track Karman. After a 4 year absense the Ford XR6 turbo awoke first pass off the trailer. The Falcon is still a full weight car with electric glass and factory interior. Quickest pass for the day was an easy 9.0 at 151mph. The 4L turbo six is now using E85 fuel.