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Mercury Kustom Lead Sled
By MiguelCaparros In the 50's and 60's cars used to be traded in or passed down every two years. The relatively low cost of the cars and the booming economy created an environment where cars were "old" within 4 years. This created a situation that made cars very affordable. A high line car, such as the Mercury could be afforded by a young working family or an enterprising mechanic or customizer. This car is obviously a modern build done by a professional, the lines and and the design elements are right out of the 1950's era builders. Referred as lead sleds, due to the using of molten lead to fill any of the cuts and body work that were done to modify the appearance. A whole new vocabulary was born, french, scalloped, low rider and others became part of the language. The trends created by the Custom builders influence future designs of production cars. The low and wide designs of the 60's culminated in the "wide look" of the 60's.

Wolf driving 1951 Mercury Custom
Wolf is driving up to the A-Bombers Old Style Weekend 2007

Awesome 1950 MERCURY "Mer Low" Check out that paint. DougCameraman
A gorgeous custom 1950 Mercury. Video by John Douglas Parran. Don't forget to subscribe & share this with your friends. The link is ...: http://Youtu.be/SrhfmavXcjs

Mercury 1951 (comme neuve!)
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