fox mustang t5 to c4 conversion part 1

spring project

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fox mustang t5 to c4 conversion part2
09 spring project

Test driving my new C4 trans..
First time on the road and so far so good..My back is blown the hell out so didn't get on it to really see if things are ok but seems good so far..Drove home and parked it,thats where it will sit until my back recovers..I will say one thing,its SOOO nice not having to push the clutch in during rush hour traffic which is what I drove in..

302 with c4 and 4500 stall
Just wanted to show what it was like driving on the street with the converter, I know the video sucks but I am holding the phone in my right hand and driving/shifting with the left. Just was sick of people always saying that a semi large/large stall is not street friendly.

Turbo Fox 1st clips after c4
1st clips of the car since the Performace Automatic c4 swap low Boost, conservative timing, still tuning...