1983 dodge d150

this is my first truck 1983 dodge d150 225 lant 6. got the truck for free my neighbor did nto want it in his yard so he gave it to me. the truck was parked for 8 years. changed the plugs put a cap of gas in it and it fired right up !!! RATE AND COMMENT PLZ

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1985 dodge ram d-150 royal se
showing off my new toy. 1985 dodge ram d-150 royal se 318 2 barell dual Exhaust with no cats and glass packs.

Polishing a Turd (82 D150)
We wanted to see if you could polish a turd, and there was no better candidate than Joe's new 1982 Dodge Ram D150 nicknamed "The Turd". Will have more videos up soon!

1985 Dodge D100
1985 Dodge D100

Test drive 1983 Dodge Ram truck with HEI conversion
Not much for scenery, just the audio and for shifting/ clutch enthusiasts. Runs much more smoothly, and has more low-end torque. Before, I had to slip the clutch excessively to get moving....now it can be lugged down and not stall. Trans definitely needs attention although it works fine.