Hafsengen's Escort WRC Cosworth

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Stian Hafsengen's Escort Cosworth WRC Gatebil.no
Stian Hafsengen's Gatebil.no sponsered Ford Escort Cosworth WRC. Song is TerminalStorm - Chordian(re-chorded radio edit)

Oppliger Motorsport black 800 hp escort cosworth
customer car powered by Oppliger motorsport with EFR turbo and E85 fuel 2.2 bar of Boost & 9000rpm

George Souflaris | Ford Escort Mk2 - Ανάβαση πορταριάς 2016 HD
FOTO KARMI Video Production : Babis Michalopoulos Facebook Pepe : https://www.facebook.com/FOTO-KARMI-238817061710/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Ford Escort Cosworth Gatebil - Stian Hafsengen
Music: Groove Coverage - Poison