Starting Engine swap

Pictures of my DOHC project. I'm swapping a 4.6 DOHC engine from a Lincoln Mark VIII into a Mercury Cougar and this is how far I've gotten so far. This is my ferst movie so bear with me.

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Pulling the 4.6L engine out of the Lincoln
Had to choose either the conventional way of pulling a motor or taking the body off completely then pulling the motor... pretty pleased with the outcome.

2008 Mustang GT vs 4.6 Lincoln Mark VIII
Didn't shift fast enough red-lined it giving the Lincoln Mark the win. Around 1:10sec

4v Swap First Start Up
First start up of my 97 GT with a 4v swap. Rebuilt (by me and a buddy) 03 cobra bottom end. 93 lincoln mark 8 heads and cams. 97 mark intake for now, also a vac leak which should be fixed soon!

Carbureted 4.6 Intake Manifold See on ebay Fullonfab
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