Starting Engine swap

Pictures of my DOHC project. I'm swapping a 4.6 DOHC engine from a Lincoln Mark VIII into a Mercury Cougar and this is how far I've gotten so far. This is my ferst movie so bear with me.

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Mustang Gt engine swap lincoln mark VIII 8
I decided to start this project in September 2015 after my passenger head gasket went bad in my SOHC motor. Swap was fairly easy but challenging as some of the parts are hard to get/find or just simply I had to improvise and make them work. The engine I got was from a 98 mark 8 LS, it only had 65k miles on it and it was running perfect. I got it out of state so I had to spend extra $$ in shipping. The total for the engine shipped was $900. Cobra Upper/Lower intake plus BBK 65mm TB and everything else you will see in the box (in the picture) from the video was $400 shipped. Long tubes were $220 shipped. Thermostat housing was $55. Cobra TB cable was $60. Email Tune was $280. and in miscellaneous probably $100. Now it might seem like a lot of money but if you still have the old engine and decide to sell it in parts you can make whatever you will spend for the swap back, I sold all the mark stuff I took off plus the GT engine in parts and I was able to make around $500 profit. The pictures on the video are manly the most important things you will need to make the swap happen, it is straight forward and all the parts from your GT will hook right in. If you have any question don't hesitate to contact me or leave a comment.

2008 Mustang GT vs 4.6 Lincoln Mark VIII
Didn't shift fast enough red-lined it giving the Lincoln Mark the win. Around 1:10sec

4v Swap First Start Up
First start up of my 97 GT with a 4v swap. Rebuilt (by me and a buddy) 03 cobra bottom end. 93 lincoln mark 8 heads and cams. 97 mark intake for now, also a vac leak which should be fixed soon!

Supercharged Mark 8 Lincoln
95 Mark8 Lincoln Supercharged: new 4.6 M-6007-A4GSC long block from Ford racing, eaton Supercharger, Kooks headers, Magnaflow mufflers, shift kit on trans. 373 Posi chief863 I haven't had it Dynoed, so I can't say what the HP is.I have a few more things to do before having it done. It has been a project car that has taken every extra penny over a three year period. All the work was done by Glens Auto in Shrewsbury Pa. I am extreamly happy with thier work, and willingness to work with me on this project.