Starting Engine swap

Pictures of my DOHC project. I'm swapping a 4.6 DOHC engine from a Lincoln Mark VIII into a Mercury Cougar and this is how far I've gotten so far. This is my ferst movie so bear with me.

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BMW S52 engine swap into E30 318is
BMW S52 engine swap into E30 318is Engine used was a US-Spec S52b32 from a 1998 BMW M Roadster. Wiring harness was from a BMW E34 525i with M50 motor.

Greg's Engine Swap
Greg swapped his 1987 e30 325i's engine with Justin's 1992 325i after his belt blew. After all was said and done, Greg can make the wheels chirp going into 3rd gear. Not bad.

Engine Swap Video
1997 Ford F150 Engine Swap From a N/A 4.6L to a 2003 SVT Supercharged 5.4L

32v swapped thunderbird
1997 thunderbird with a 1998 lincoln mark VIII engine swapped in...currently on stock tune with custom dual Exhaust and emissions delete...cobra topswap,75 dryshot, 410 gears and then a tune and the car will be done, also some bodywork at the end...