Amir G35 vs Mustang GT

2003 G35 6spd vs 03 Mustang GT 5spd . BOTH cars have intake & Exhaust. G35 is heavier with heavy 20 inch wheels. 3.5 is greater than 4.6 . G35 is just faster!

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Mustang vs G35
see, Mustangs are faster. and for less than half the price

2006 Infinity G35 vs. 2008 Ford Mustang GT/CS

G35 coupe full bolt ones Vs my friend Mustange 4.6
Mustang 2000 Manuel, stock G35 full bolts ones,, but shit tune that is the result

Mustang gt vs g35
2003 Mustang gt with intake Exhaust and 93 tune automatic vs 07 g35 with intake and 93 tune 6 speed, had 4 peole in the Mustang and g35 had 2 people