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demo derby models
models that i have built and will soon be more in the future

Demolition derby models part 2!
Part 2. they wouldnt fit in one show. I did not build these Dr. Demolition Rick Buikema built these from scratch. his contact info is in the video.

Basics to building model demo derby car
This is the basic foundation to where to start when your wanting to build a model demolition derby car

finished model
a scrap model that i made into a demo derby model.

demo derby model finished
army tank derby car

Model Demo Derby Car Workshop tour
Not only do i work on real demo derby cars but i build model demo derby cars. Here is a vid showing off my workshop and a few of the models i have built.

Demolition derby model builds
Derby models I am working on. And thanks to Chris(faithfulcmm1972) You-tube page link http://www.youtube.com/user/faithfulcmm1972 For selling me the wagon kit and spare parts.

Custom Demolition Derby Model
this is a highly detailed model built by Rick Buikema. he is a pro at this, I did not build these. I do not own bad news travels fast by Bachman Turner Overdrive. I use it simply for entertainment purposes.

demo derby modle cars
after the demo cars modles are done

my model demo derby car collection
som model cars ive built over the past few years

Model Cars: 1986 Lincoln Town Car Demolition Derby Car
Model car built by Robert Lindeman and shown at the 2011 Attack of the Plastic in Delavan, Wisconsin.

Live Steam East Coast Large Scale Train S.
Video I shot of the live steam track the East Coast Large Scale Train Show.

model update
new demo derby model car that basically built from scratch

NEW models car
car model derby model soon to be

We had to move the derby cars into the bull pen. Believe it or not some people don't find derby cars sitting out in the open as cool as i do. Since this video was taken some of the derby cars have had a date with the crusher. (ckeck out death of a derby car) NEXT DEMOLITION DERBY LIND WA JUNE 2009

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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