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Progressive. Like Audi. Like You. 60s TVC
Audi與你同步同行, 無懼挑戰,創新領前。 Just like you, there's no limit to the progressive spirit we embrace at Audi.

The New Audi A8 L TVC 2014

Audi – 無人駕駛.引領高速體驗 Piloted Driving: Full speed, empty driver's seat!
於賽道上高速飛馳之際,車內卻無人駕駛!你能想像置身 其中,會有甚麼感覺? Nothing but an empty driver's seat swerving left and right on a racetrack - can you...

The all-new Audi TT is landing soon.
全新 Audi TT 即將降臨。The all-new Audi TT is landing soon. You Dare or You Don't.