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Audi quattro moments - Real world quattro
Nothing better exemplifies Vorsprung durch Technik than Audi quattro. Are you ready to find out more about its definitive moments?

Grand welcoming for new model
Audi 最新型號即將型格登場!35 架 Audi quattro 車款巡遊香港各處,率先開路! Our newest Audi model deserves a grand welcome. 35 Audi quattro models ...

The all-new Audi Q7 30s TVC
不停步,直往巔峰邁步!全新 Audi Q7與你同步闖出成就。 Greatness starts when you don't stop. The all-new Audi Q7.

Celebrating 35 Years of Audi quattro – Vision Without Limits (Part 1)
慶祝 Audi quattro 35 週年,Audi quattro 車隊為香港的街道帶來不一樣的驚喜。 Celebrating 35 years of quattro, the Audi quattro team strives to bring unexpected ...