2010 Honda Insight Review

MPGomatic.com puts a 2010 Honda Insight EX Navi to a grueling test drive in search of maximum MPGs. [ Full Review: http://www.mpgomatic.com/2009/09/03/2010-honda-insight-review/ ] While the new Honda Insight hybrid falls short of the Toyota Prius when it comes to mileage, it's a more economical choice, overall.

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2009 Honda Insight 1.3 IMA Hybrid POV Test Drive
Pełny test - http://carburator.pl/honda-insight-test/ Sprawdź jak prowadzi się Honda Insight z 88 konnym układem hybrydowym! Odwiedź carburatora także na Facebooku https://www.facebook.com/carburatorcars

2010 Honda Insight Interior Review (EX w/ Navigation)
Here's the review of my car's inside. The exterior review was taken down temporarily so I can either edit out personal information or refilm it ommiting personal info. Thanks for the patience guys! Comment+ Rate +Subscribe

Honda Insight 2010 Review
This is a review of my latest gadget, the 2010 Honda Insight. I purchased this car a little over a week ago, and I have been enjoying it very much. The purpose of this review is to inform other potential buyers and interested parties about the features this car possesses.