Honda prelude, one off custom show car with holographic paint

photos of my prelude project built by joustperformance (Andover)

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4th Generation Prelude Tribute
a Tribute to the 4th Gen prelude.

Auto Repairs - 1992 Honda Prelude - Custom Exhaust & Cherry Bomb Installation
Auto Repairs Episode 4: In this episode of Auto Repairs. I remove the existing muffler in this 1992 Honda Prelude and custom build a really nice bolt on intermediate pipe with a muffler all while using the existing Exhaust flanges on the vehicles muffler flange to tail pipe flange. I was in a hurry to get this job done and the video is also rushed. it turned out really nice. I didn't show the final welds, hangar placement, or paint at the end but, it sounded really nice when it was done.

Honda Prelude Tuning Zygi.wmv