1979 F150 4x4 Starting new stroker big block 557

See other video for Dyno and specs. Tuned since Dyno ~750HP. 3.5" ultraflows. 900rpm idle in garage.

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1970 Ford Maverick 557 Cubic Inches
Not my car, but the engine was just finished and I was helping a little as he broke in the engine for the first time. Beautiful car.

Firing up the 532ci BBF for a test run (Rad is in the box)
Fresh mud race motor, gettin the bugs worked out, THE RADIATOR IS IN THE BOX!!! SO DON'T ASK ME HOW I RUN AN ENGINE WITHOUT ANY COOLING SYSTEM!!!!!

Go for a ride -1979 F150 4x4 750HP BBF - In cab view 1/8 mile
1979 Ford F150 5000 Lbs, ran in 4x4 460 bored and stroked to 557 cubic inches bunch of goodies (see my 557 Dyno video) 750 HP on pump gas 7.62 90mph 1.72 60ft. 75F 8mph headwind Next run, tried to get into it harder from the line and spun all four tires. Watch hand on wheel. Massive torque steer makes it hard to drive rear spool, front posi, 4.11 gears, 3500 stall C6, shifting at 6400 Hit the rev limiter before 2nd gear.

557 bbf stroker 460 dyno 700HP 700LB
Scott Johnston RHP built 557, SVO A block, forged rotating assembly, Kaase P-51 heads, 10.2:1 XR298R, built for broad torque & street use. We saw 697HP at 5900rpm.