East Coast Gear Supply tests an ARB high output compressor to determine the effectiveness of airing up tires

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Added An ARB One Gallon Air Tank To My ARB Dual Air Compressor
I can run airtools no problem with my CO2 Powertank, but the ARB compressor did not have the reserve capacity to run airtools. For filling up tires though, the ARB compressor rocks, and I do not waste any CO2 like with the Powertank. But I wanted to try running a few tools with the ARB compressor, so I bought the ARB one gallon tank. Just installed it today along with a fitting and 10" hose from ARB that goes from the compressor outlet to the new tank. It can run the drill OK, but it is still not as fast as the CO2 tank. The new tank will also help out for filling tires, as the compressor will not have to run as long when pulling the trigger on the tire inflator.

2013 JK Build Part 8- ARB compressor- Please rate and comment!
Installing my ARB Compressor and routing the air lines to the Yukon lockers. Check out part 9 also!

Don't Buy An Air Compressor Until You Watch This!
Australia's toughest 12V compressor ? The Thumper pumped up 4 x 66 inch Monster truck tyres. It ran for over two hrs with no problem! Don't pay more elsewhere. Features: • Massive 160L/min air flow! • Heavy-duty air compressor • Cylinder: 60mm • Voltage: DC 12V • Air Flow: 160L/min • Maximum pressure: 150PSI • Maximum amperage: 45A • Handy storage / carry bag included (black) • Can be hard wired • Auto reset thermal protection • Heavy-duty 2m power cord with battery clamps • Features built in circuit breaker and automatic thermal cut-off • 8m nylon hose with inline pressure gauge • Maximum voltage: 13.8V • Maximum amp draw: 45A • Maximum restart pressure: 150PSI • Maximum operating temperature: 140°F • Minimum operating temperature: -67°F Airing up times: 32" Tyre - 10 PSI to 32 PSI = 1 min 30 sec. 33" Tyre - 10 PSI to 32 PSI = 2 min. 35" Tyre - 10 PSI to 32 PSI = 2 min. 45 sec. 2.5 Gallon Air tank - 0 PSI to 125 PSI = 1 min. 20 sec. Get yours now - ssor.html

Air Lockers & Onboard Air
ARB's Daniel Bongard talks about choosing the right air compressor for your vehicle, taking into consideration the harsh environments it needs to withstand, airflow and space under the bonnet. For more information visit: