Loud!! Cts-v ride along 2

05 cts-v kooks lt headers with corsa sport axle back Exhaust

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Loud!! Cts-v ride along
Ripping up the streets ridding in 05 gto alongside of 05 cts-v

Turbo 2005 CTS-V half mile drag * bonus GT-R spins
This wasn't my fastest run, I tried to get into 6th for those extra 2 mph that I needed to get to 160, but the shift slowed me down. 5th was redlining at 158, I later got to 160 by increasing the rev limit 200 rpm in 5th to 7,200. The GT-R in front of me put on quite the smoke show when it spun at the quarter marker but apparently didn't hurt anything.

100+ MPH Cadillac CTS-V Test-Ride
The CTS-V is an amazing car and I had the luck of being able to go for an exciting test drive where we hit 100+ speeds. Definitely an awesome car that everyone should experience driving or riding in.

LOUD Cadillac CTS-V (straight pipes?) in Austin TX
My and my friend saw this guy racing around near Lake Travis in Austin TX and decided to follow him for a while. He ended up doing quite a nice fly-by for us.