CRV-3 2.4 0-100 TEST

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BMW X6. Range Rover.Honda CR-V Porsche 911 Turbo S. Киев.Украина
Porsche 911 turbo S выехал со второй попытки.RANGE ROVER c первой.

Honda CR-V 2015 0-100
Honda CR-V 2015 0-100 In sport mode In-Line 4-Cylinder 2.4L Power 185 bhp @ 6400

Honda CR-V (2013) acceleration 0-100
2013 Honda CR-V (RM) 2.4 FWD This is a Thai spec car and has a 170hp, 220Nm K24Y1 engine (less power and torque than US and JP spec). Red line is also at 6500 rpm instead of 7000. Transmission is a 5-speed automatic, front wheel drive. Carrying one driver (~65kg) and nothing else.

Honda CRV 2012 Hard Off-Road
Honda CRV 2012 in hard off-road conditions. Latvia, Kurzeme. More about 4x4 tours in Latvia -