CRF250 blows up.3gp

My mates bike had a recent rebuild when suddenly it started smoking again. He was a little worried, lol! PLEASE WATCH TILL THE END BEFORE COMMENTING SO YOU DONT LOOK STUPID, LOL!!

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Testing out the new moto. dnt forget to rate

Crf250r blow up ($3,000 damage)!!!
Subscribe!!! yah colton likes honda alot. He just bought a Rmz250 so he'll be back at her this year

The death of my RM 125
Please, if you don't have anything nice to say or think you know everything just leave me alone, I have got plenty of people posting comments that should just be kept un-said. Thanks. Just riding down the road with some friends keeping the bike at a steady speed and blam the piston bearings blow...sorry for the language at the end, couldnt remove it. Comments Disabled due to idiots. Thank them.