TX2K11 Twin Turbo Lambo Launch

titan motorsports TT lambo

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TX2K11 - Omni Hotel Madness "The Aftermath of the Burnouts"
Started getting out of control and the whole houston police department showed up to stop this madness. This was EPIC!

TX2K11 UR lambos, supra, and viper
2 twin turbo Underground Racing lambos, and others TX2K11

GTR vs Twin Turbo Mustang
GTR with Tune and mid pipe vs Mustang Twin turbo at TX2K11

TX2K11 Cop Cussing
Deputy at TX2K11 Meet Cussing to get off the grass. Then denies that he was cussing... he then saw 2 cameras in his face and walked away... Then a friend called his Supervisor and he was then pulled off duty. Props to the Ft. Bend County Sheriff's Dept. and Dep. R.Rodriguez Sorry for the crappy cell phone video... but it worked.