TX2K11 Twin Turbo Lambo Launch

titan motorsports TT lambo

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TX2K11 - Omni Hotel Madness "The Aftermath of the Burnouts"
Started getting out of control and the whole houston police department showed up to stop this madness. This was EPIC!

TX2K11 - Fighting over parking spot
Older big guy was trying to save a parking spot for the Titan Motorsports TT Lambo.

TX2K11 Big Boys

TX2K11 S14 on and in car fun runs number two
Opening clip is from the movie Lion King by Disney, I do not take credit for this video nor do I claim it is mine. Music throughout the movie is from Kanye West - Monster, I do not take credit for this song nor do I claim it is mine. This was recorded using a Drift HD170 Stealth S14 in car... RB26DETT PT6765 Supporting Mods (Tomei / Trust / Apexi / HKS) Still slow, only at 18lbs during these runs. Will be at 28 next year with more motor work. Overall, great time with good people except the stupid fucking Sentra from Friday night that kept blocking people/getting in the way and the first red Supra on Saturday from Louisiana that tried to cheese his way into a victory. Wanted to keep going, but race gas is expensive and we just went through two full tanks the whole weekend. Saturday night, ran into a bigger crowd, one with some decently fast cars, props to the red Supra from Saturday night. Thought I didn't have any footage from the MKIII, but I guess we did run him, just didn't remember since it wasn't a close match. This firm was created using CGI and model replica toy remote control cars in the country of Africa, names and locations have been changed to protect the identities of the actors.