Kix-Henderson Racing - GMC Sonoma -Record Run - Chris Coffey

Coffey's Return Run

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Kix-Henderson Racing - GMC Sonoma - Bonneville 220mph - Chris Coffey
Chris Coffey 220mph pass.......

Kix-Henderson Racing - GMC Sonoma - Bonneville 222mph pass!
Buzzing around 9,000rpm for three miles!

Chevy s10 to GMC sonoma front end swap
Many people wonder how hard it is to swap from the Chevy s10 front end to the GMC sonoma front end. I went ahead and made this video to show how easy it can be done.

Daddy Dave Sonoma vs Mustang - OKC No Prep
Street Outlaws Star Big Daddy Dave in the Sonoma vs Nitrous Big Tire Mustang at the 2014 OKC No Prep event at Thunder Valley Raceway in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. The Mustang takes the win. Full length event DVD now available at