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DRAG DAY AIR PORT TYMPAKI 29-30/11/14 - GIAKOUMAKIS 106 rallye 10sec
Γιακουμακης Νικος peugeot106 10.024sec , 233km exit Αντωνελος Λευτερης civic 10.812sec , 229km exit

Peugeot 106 Turbo VS Honda Civic EG Turbo // Kondofrey drag challenge VII
Kondofrey drag challenge VII - 19, 20 October 2013 - Bulgaria. SPEEDCAR Peugeot 106 turbo VS Honda Civic EG turbo tuned by "Рибата" (fish) Drivers: Georgios Gkitsis (106), Иван Митев (EG) 106 - 18m: 1.75", 402m: 12.049" - 207km/h WIN Civic - 18m: 2.25", 402m: 12.063" - 211km/h Winner was judged by the timeslips because of some oil spilled in the right lane, making it unusable. This race was one of the last ones of Kondofrey drag challenge VII. This was a friendly challenge and it was considered as a fight of both Japan vs France but also Greece vs Bulgaria. Ofcourse none of the above is true. Greek magazine Autokinisimag and SPEEDCAR team were invited in Kondofrey, Bulgaria by UPG to race and faced great hospitality. Until next time, the battles will be given on the quarter mile! Autokinisimag: The magazine that changed everything in the world of acceleration across Greece! DONATE TO SUPPORT US: ▶ Come on! Check the channel: ▶ Facebook pages: ▶ ▶ Official websites: ▶ The magazine that enacted the modern RWYB rules in Greece. Official dedicated websites: ▶ http://www.TETRAKOSARI.GR/ Kondofrey Main hosts: ▶ Media coverage: ▶ Affiliate media coverage: ▶ Premium rally: ▶