2003 Ford Explorer Blower Motor Resistor Location and Replacement

2003 Ford Explorer Blower Motor Resistor Location and Replacement

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02 Ford Explorer Heat Blend Door Actuator Simple Fix - No Tools Needed
This is a 02 Ford Explorer that has a broken and worn heat blend door actuator. The labor at a dealership with parts is approx $700-800 if you take it to the pros, The cost of the part is approx $65.00 if you want to do it yourself, or you can give this a try and save even more. The part I will be referring to later in the video is a plastic flap, which is approximately 3" long and is located almost directly behind the wires you see in the video along the edge of the wall compartment. It needs to be pushed down, and you will hear it as it reaches the correct position. Once you locate this, it will only take a few seconds to change in the future. The blend door will easily work with the air condition control knobs, but once you switch it to cold air, you will need to switch this back manually as in the video. Hope this tip helps.

2002 - 2008 ford explorer heater a/c vent blend door actuator making noise behind dashboard
A look behind the glove box dashboard at the stuck blend door actuator on an 02 Ford explorer. 2002 thru 2008.

Locating the blend door flap inside the glove box of 02 Ford Explorer
A follow up video to help locate the plastic flap for the heat blend door. The flap is approx 1 1/2" wide, and will need to be flipped straight down / to the left. The blend door should actually make a flapping sound if you have your a/c on. It may actually vibrate the piece and just hone in on the sound. Once you find this, it will be very easy to locate on the second try.

Blower Motor Problems | Auto Repair Help
Blower motor problems video highlighting diagnostic procedures for Diy car mechanics and there's more information available below (Show More). Proper electrical diagnosis of automotive blower motors will help prevent replacing the wrong parts. Someone asked how to check for a good ground so I added a video here showing two methods of testing ground integrity. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGWhzTuJroQ I also added a video that talks about what to do if the blower motor runs all the time even when the keys are pulled from the ignition. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbd8K8Jzvv8 Finally, the blower motor is a common AC repair within the skill level of many driveway mechanics. I have a special article for Chevy and GMC truck owners with interior fan problems. Learn about the updated blower control module parts available from this next article https://www.fixmyoldride.com/AC-blower-control-module-problems.html