CM Drag day

Cars that turned up to see who has the second fast car in mackay (mine being the first)

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Civette 12.16 Memphis Test and Tune 11/15/07 21
Memphis Test and Tune 11/15/07

Mackay Major Floods 15th February 2008 Part 1 of 2
This is an incredible 1 in 50 year flood event that delivered 625mm in 5 hours to the Mackay region causing major flooding and inundation of pretty much the entire Mackay area! Footage not to be used without my permission, thanks. Due to the number of people having a go at me for recording this historical footage, I have disabled comments - I apologise for all those others who had something constructive to say however there are some people out there that have clearly signed up on the day the Mackay flood videos were posted and have done nothing but criticize everyone for taking videos. This event has been CONFIRMED by the Bureau of Meteorology as a 1 in 200 year flood, not because of the height, but because of the devistation it has caused. This is also not anything to be bragging about "I've lived here longer than you and what would you know" etc.. etc.. To those people who have nothing better to do than have a dig at everyones footage, go find something else to do rather than fill the comments with negativity...

Moranbah SRT8 Street Car Drags
Street meet Palmyra Dragway Mackay.

Pavtek Performance - Gambler Shootout 2012 - Palmyra Dragway Mackay.
First ever pass with the new 728hp 434 cube Pavtek motor, 295/55 drag radials, full Exhaust, BP Ultimate pump fuel. 11.00 @ 130mph. BULK WHEEL SPIN!!! Audio is rubbish, used a contour camera which went into 'safe mode' due to loud noises.