Audi 100 S4 Avant Automatic

A drive around the block and a look around the exterior of my S4.

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Разгон Audi 100 c4 2.3E AAR 0-210 груженый на 17 тапках!
Ехал даже против ветра, тяговитее стала в сравнении с предыдущим(родным) блоком зажигания!

Audi 100 S4 Avant Automatic
A quick trip around the block with a view of the exhuasts! Car already warmed up. Just seeing if it produced any blue smoke, since it has 180,000miles on the clock!

Hannover Hardcore 1100 HP / 1200 NM (R)S4 Limo - 2K15 Season
Epic 2K15 compilation of the 1080 HP monster from Hannover. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Like B5Elite on Facebook Get the badge now Follow B5Elite on Instagram Subscribe B5Elite on Youtube Join the B5Elite group

Audi 100 S4 100 - 230 kmh
Audi 100 S4 Quattro AAN - Chip auf ca 250 ps + großes Forge Popp-Off ..... Endtopf entfernt...