AWD laser - Idle after BC272 install

Idle after BC272's

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AWD Laser vs. GTO/GSR/350Z/STI
Blackbullet laser

AWD laser, 16g, 20psi, pull 35-125mph
AWD laser, 16g, 20psi, was still tuning stock block 6bolt w/ 272 cams. was still tuning -

2G DSM Idle with BC 272 Cams
This is a video of my 1997 Eagle Talon turbo FWD idling at 800 rpm on my new motor (Eagle Rods, Wiseco Pistons (8.3:1), BC Valvetrain, BC 272 cams). More videos coming soon.

10 Second Plymouth Laser Turbo on Hoosiers! Kyle Cimbron 10.60 @ 132mph
1g awd DSM Drag Race Kyle Cimbron running a new best 10.60 @ 132mph on DOT Street Legal Hoosiers in his mint condition 1g Plymouth Laser RS. After running some high 10's on pump gas he dumped in a few gallons of C16 and made some more power. Took 2nd place in the Pro Shootout class at New England Dragway's Import Wars. Car info:turbo is a FP3565 (old school Non HTA 35R in FP's bolt on housing) Quartermaster Twin Disc, FIC 950's. 37psi Boost, 1/4 tank pump gas with 2 gallons of C16. - Drag Race Videos New England DSM New England Dragway Epping, NH 9/8/13