AWD laser - Idle after BC272 install

Idle after BC272's

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Battle of the DSMs
Matts 97 GSX vs Daves 97 TSi AWD The GSX is on a 50trim with supporting mods and the TSi AWD is running a b16g with BC 272 cams and supporting mods.

my 90 eclipse gsx pt.1
just having some fun in the snow. the camera died before we got to the mall =( that is where the good stuff happened. i even got a awd donut. anyways more videos to come. going to the track march 16th so keep an eye out for more dsm vids

adimw22 - awesome 4wd turbo ford laser burnout / drift
Uploads usually take 1-5 minutes per MB on a high-speed connection, and converting your video takes a few minutes. adimw22 -

How to make a Xmods drift video
This is the perfect(ish) video for all your drifting video needs. For those idiots who have not noticed, this is a parody.