AceWhips.NET- Outrageous 2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1 on 28" Rasoio Forgiatos

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Classic Weekend : Outrageous Camaro ZL1 on 28" Forgiatos 2014 conversion
S/o to Justice League Car club out of Miami, Fl && SME entertainment ! Wheels A lil too big for me but that supercharged v8 spins those 28s like it's nothing ! Brembo 14" 6 piston Brake upgrade with a nicely laid Outrageous paintjob ! Oh Yea Don't forget the 2014 rear conversion done by MC customs in Miami ! For pics check out or on Facebook/Instagram @WhipsByWade

Hummer H2 on 32's, CONVERTIBLE Challenger & SS Camaro on Forgiato 24's/26's - 1080p HD
First video from the V103 car show in Atlanta, GA at the Georgia World Congress Center! And S/O to my brotha for recording this one. In this video is a Red Hummer H2 Truck, sitting tall on the 32" DUB Banditos, behind him was a Yellow and Black Supercharged 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS on 24" & 26" Forgiato Rasoio, and behind him was an Orange and Black CONVERTIBLE Dodge Challenger SRT8 sitting on 24" & 26" Forgiatos Curva wheels. Separate video of each car coming up next.

"Underground Rim King" Quality vs. Quantity? You decide
Underground Rim King Quality of work in question...

Outrageous ZL1 Camaro On 28" Forgiato Rasoio Wheels - Orlando Classics 2013