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GP3 2000 Crashes 2
It's back!! In this edition, there are loads more accidental collisions... -Gene's car gets a kick start back into life -The Arrows try to become acrobats -There's a Benetton... IT'S GOING THE WRONG WAY!

Huge Multi-Car Crash/Vicky Piria Airbone two times - 2012 GP3 Race 2 in Hockenheim
#15 Lewis Williamson , Great Britain #16 Alice Powell , Great Britain #19 Robert Cregan , Ireland #23 Vicky Piria , Italy #27 Antonio Felix Da Costa , Portugal #28 Will Buller , Great Britain

GP3 Series 2016. Practice Red Bull Ring. Giuliano Alesi Huge Crash

Monza 2013 GP3 Race 1 - First corner crash.
GP3's at it again. Love the big slide towards the back of the grid and the burnout.