stock GSR vs '02 type s

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Stock GSR On The Dyno
A local shop had a Dyno day and discounted rates so I ran my car in stock form just for the heck of it. Enjoy.

DB8 Integra GSR vs DC5 RSX Type-S
DB8 GSR Mods: Skunk 2 Pro Series Intake Manifold, Skunk 2 Composite Fuel Rail, Walbro 190 Fuel Pump, RC 310 Injecters, Hondata S300, P2R Intake Manifold Gasket, PaceSetter Ceramic Coated Headers, Bosal Cat, A'PEXi Noir Exhaust, PW:JDM intake with Velocity Stack DC5 Type-S Mods: K&N Typhoon Intake TWO 40mph rolls

EG GSR vs RSX Type S
EG Civic w/ GSR motorswap,OEM LSD,Bolt-ons,Chip? vs Acura RSX Type S w/ Exhaust, Intake. from a roll.

Integra GSR VS RSX Type S
Just a Friendly Run with Friends