Fasterproms Built 2010 NA Z06 574rwhp

Texas Speed Ported Heads LS7 Dyno fasterproms custom 231/247 116 Cam Final Dyno 575rwhp 510rwtq

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Fasteproms Built LS7 Heads and Cam 1
Cold start Heads and cam LS7 Dyno Mild 231/247 116 Cam Final Dyno 575rwhp 510rwtq

600rwhp Z06 Corvette Heads Cam Texas Speed LS7R 265
2006 Z06 TSP PRC 265 Heads, LS7R cam Ported Intake and Tb ATI Underdrive Pulley Current Dyno = 600rwhp 535rwtq

Z06 vs GT3 RS at homestead
07 Z06 Heavily modded with novice driver on worn Nittos and GT3 RS lightly modified with Very experienced driver and michelin PS cups. Very Good etiquette by both drivers out just having fun. Excellent match all the way around, power, balance, braking, camaraderie and experience. Ran very competitive street car times in the 1:45-1:48 (letting off) range laps. Good Run Santiago!! Jeremy Formato

C6Z 231/247 Heads Cam 577/535 Idle Muffler Mod
Hand Ported and Decked Heads 12.2 compression/Comp 231/247 113+4 /AR 1 7/8 Headers/catless x-pipe/Stock catback with muffler modd and m2w/Ported FAST102/NickW 102TB/Vararam/Custom Polished Coil Racks/Polished Valve covers/MGW Shifter 577rwhp/535rwtq